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Business Hosting plans offer private-server speed with cPanel simplicity.

In addition to our Linux Plans, we also offer Windows Web Hosting

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Our Cloud platform have wide range of OS and Apps, Build cloud server with any of the os or app from the below list.







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Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful Question/Answer for our customers!

Will I be able to control my Dedicated CPU Server and if yes - how?

Yes, of course! Our clients are provided with all the tools needed for optimal control on their Dedicated CPU Server solutions! For the web interface, we are utilizing cPanel/WHM, and for console control, our clients can take advantage of the SSH protocol with ROOT level of server access. However, please bear in mind that the root access is on-demand granted, so every client that requires such will have to submit a ticket to our Technical Support Fleet so that they can enable and allow the root access.

How can I upgrade my Shared Hosting package to a Dedicated CPU Server one?

Our Technical Support Fleet can easily handle the upgrade to a Dedicated CPU Server. The only thing our clients should consider is submitting a support ticket informing our crew which Dedicated CPU Server plan they should set up. Afterward, our crew will generate an upgrade invoice, and finally, once paid, the upgrade process will begin. Through the process, our team will set up the Dedicated CPU Server, migrate all data from the Shared Web hosting account, and test if everything is working properly.

Will my Dedicated CPU Server utilize RAID configuration?

RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks, and as the name suggests, this term affects the storage of our Dedicated CPU Server solutions. Since the RAID configuration can be utilized for redundancy and read/write speed, we decided that we should provide both the options. Therefore, we are proud to say that all our Dedicated CPU Servers are utilizing RAID 10 configuration through a separate RAID controller.

What is the Storage of Nuohost Dedicated CPU Servers?

Although we can offer multiple options for the storage of our Dedicated CPU Server solutions, we choose to provide by default Native SSD units for optimal read/write speeds. 

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